Raw Scans, Release Date, Highlights, and More [Spoilers] for Tokyo Revengers 227


Raw Scans, Release Date, Highlights, and More [Spoilers] for Tokyo Revengers 227

The legends that served as the cornerstones of Black Dragon were revealed in the most recent manga episode of “Tokyo Revengers,” but their fighting abilities and prowess may be put to the test when they meet South Terano in Chapter 227.

The latest episode of “Tokyo Revengers” was released in the United States on Tuesday, and it depicted the continuous street war between Tokyo’s top gangs in the aftermath of Draken’s untimely death. “Dynamic Duo,” Chapter 226, introduced the “Greatest Duo,” who, according to South, continue to live up to their moniker.

People are perplexed by Mikey’s lack of movement. Haruchiyo Sanzu, meantime, yelled “Die Kakucho” and smacked him with an iron pipe.

Haitani Ran attacks Sanzu with a baton while still chatting to Kakucho about how much easier it is to fight with a weapon. When Rindo saw what had happened, he only smirked behind his brother and remarked Sanzu was right about utilizing a weapon in the fight.

South was impressed when Wakasa and Benkei easily defeated a hundred members of the Rukuhara Tandai and commended them. Senju, who was still watching the fight, told Takemichi that Benkei used to be the leader of the Ragnarok gang, which controlled the region’s west side.

The gang used to be the biggest in the country, and its boss is infamous for walking out of conflicts covered in blood. It’s also why Benkei was given the nickname “Redcliff.” Meanwhile, Senju explained that 12 distinct gangs ruled the eastern portion of Kantou before merging to form Koudou Rengou. Imaushi “White Leopard” Wakasa, the gang’s president, was the most dreaded man at the time.

Both gangs fight ferociously, but only Sano Sinichiro was able to put an end to the conflict when he merged the two and established the Black Dragon. Takeomi Akashi claims that Wakasa and Benkei are the toughest brawlers in Japan, and that they are currently battling for Senju’s Brahman gang.

Benkei appears to be conserving his energy in order to confront Mikey, but he appears to have no choice now that he must battle South Terano first. Wakasa cautioned him, though, not to let his guard down because South is considered to be as strong as Mikey.

The chapter came to a close with the final panel depicting Wakasa and Benkei approaching Rukuhara Tandai’s South Terano.

South Terano will most likely be pitted against Wakasa and Benkei in the next chapter of “Tokyo Revengers.” The leaked sketch appears to have been created by series creator Ken Wakui. The Washington Newsday Brief News is a daily newspaper published in Washington, D.C.


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