Rachel Bilson Admits the Cast Members on ‘The O.C.’ Were ‘Little A**Holes’


Rachel Bilson Admits the Cast Members on ‘The O.C.’ Were ‘Little A**Holes’

From 2003 to 2007, The O.C. was a famous television program. It drew audiences from all over the country as it followed the lives of fictional teenagers in wealthy areas of Orange County, California.

There have been reports about the cast members of The O.C. having poor attitudes and not getting along since the show’s premiere. Summer Roberts’ Rachel Bilson recently revealed that her co-stars were “little a**holes.”

Tate Donovan has been critical of other members of the ‘O.C.’ cast.

Tate Donovan (Jimmy Cooper) is one of the actors who has publicly acknowledged that the cast of The O.C. isn’t always the easiest to work with.

In 2013, he told Vulture, “By the time I started directing, the kids on the show had developed a very bad attitude.” “They simply didn’t want to be a part of the show any longer.” It was difficult; they were difficult to work with. The adults were all outstanding, complete professionals. But you know how young actors are — I know because I used to be one of them.”

“When you reach a certain level of success, you want to be doing something else,” he said. One of them, who had never done a film before, turned to me and said, “This show is ruining my film career.” You can’t help but believe that your life and career are going to take off in a straight line. So they were very difficult.”

Rachel Bilson admits the ‘O.C.’ cast members were ‘little a**holes’

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