Rachael Ray’s Tips for Getting Rid of Boring Burgers


Rachael Ray’s Tips for Getting Rid of Boring Burgers

Rachael Ray is unquestionably the burger queen. She not only wrote an entire book about it, but she also conducts a Burger Bash twice a year. Ray can assist you if you’ve become stuck in a burger rut. Here are her eight suggestions for overcoming your boredom with burgers.

Stop being predictable, urges Rachael Ray.

Ray believes that burgers can be made out of anything, not only meat. She’s created salmon burgers, swordfish burgers, grilled portobellos, and shrimp patties on a bun.

Ray told The New York Post, “It’s a delightful way to express oneself – the reason I founded the Burger Bash years ago was because I wanted all of the world’s top chefs to put their ideas between a bun.” “We’ve had knish burgers as well as vegetarian burgers. When you put something on a bun, it becomes more approachable and friendly.”

There’s no need for a barbecue.

“All summer long,” Ray recalls, her husband, Cringe vocalist John Cusimano, “throws burgers on the grill.” He enjoys cooking with fire, as do most men. “A good ol’ cast iron skillet, a plancha — a flat, screaming-hot surface,” Ray prefers.

The Rachael Ray Show host reveals that grilling burgers on a skillet results in a butter crust and a better experience. The “sugars caramelize quickly,” Ray says, “and it’s not so smoky that you can’t taste the meat.”

Ray explained, “I never add oil on the pan.” “I simply rub it with a small amount of vegetable or mild olive oil. Then I place the burgers in the pan when it’s smoking hot. Don’t touch the burger until it’s time to flip it. That crust is required.”

It all comes down to the shape.

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