‘Quantum Leap’: was that really the Scott Bakula doing all the chanting?


Quantity Leap was an incredibly unique television series. Because of its unique premise, style, and themes, it quickly developed a cult following that still exists today. Among the things that made Quantum Leap unique was that Scott Bakula, the main character, portrayed people who lived in the eras he “quantum leapt” to. Every now and then he found himself in the body of a musician – including the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll himself, Elvis Presley. As a result, there were a not inconsiderable number of episodes that featured songs. Someone had to do the singing, so was it Scott Bakula himself? Or did the series hire a singer to whom Bakula lip-synched?

‘Quantum Leap’ is a cult classic science fiction series


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Chances are, if you’re a science fiction fan, you’ve at least heard of “Quantum Leap.” The series, starring Scott Bakula, revolved around a character named Sam Beckett, a genius quantum physicist who explores the mystery of time travel. But there’s a catch: instead of traveling through time in his own body, he finds himself in the body of another person in the past and needs to correct something in their life in order to leave it. He wants to return to his own body in the present, but there is always someone else in the past that Beckett must help.

Along Beckett’s side travels the artificial intelligence in his supercomputer, called Ziggy, who helps Beckett with his time travel misadventures, and Al Calavicci, Beckett’s friend from the present who projects himself holographically next to Beckett. The series has explored several eras of twentieth-century history, from the aftermath of World War II to the beginning of the AIDS epidemic. There was something incredibly compelling about this combination of historical fiction and science fiction, and to this day Quantum Leap is fondly remembered.

Capt Scott Bakula’s early acting career was on stage


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Today, Scott Bakula is known for starring in several science fiction and crime drama series, but he actually started his career on Broadway. In the late 1970s, he had a starring role on Broadway in the musical Marilyn: An American Fable, as well as other prominent roles in off-Broadway shows. This led to Bakula being noticed by prominent personalities in the entertainment industry and getting leading roles in some short-lived sitcoms of the 1980s.

Quantity Leap, from 1989 to 1993, was the moment when Bakula became a household name. He continued to star in series and movies throughout the 1990s, before being cast as Captain Jonathan Archer in Star Trek: Enterprise. About another decade would pass before he got to his current starring role in NCIS: New Orleans. It’s clear that Bakula is one of the most prominent characters on television!

Scott Bakula had what it took to sing himself

LOVED sitting at the piano with the talented @CCHPounder @NCISNewOrleans @JayDSchwartz @JDS_PR #NCISNOLA pic.twitter.com/o3MXmDN0lA

– Scott Bakula (@ScottBakula) December 14, 2015

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Given the different vocal styles on the show and the difficulty for many to sing, fans have wondered who sings the songs Beckett sings in “Quantum Leap.” But Bakula doesn’t lip-sync to another singer. According to Syfy, Bakula did all of his own singing in the series. That meant he had to take on a variety of styles, from softly singing “Imagine” to portraying an ’80s glam metal star to singing as Elvis Presley. The fact that Bakula could not only sing these different styles, but also carry them, is a testament to the actor’s talent and hard work.


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