Prince Philips 99th birthday in the royal cocoon


Prince Philip is having himself celebrated from afar on his 99th birthday. The Prince has not seen his family for a long time – instead, he spends more time with his wife than ever before.

To mark the 99th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II’s husband, Buckingham Palace has published a new photograph of the couple. It shows the couple on the grounds of Windsor Palace, which is about an hour’s drive from London. Prince Philip and the 94-year-old Queen have been retiring there for months because of the Corona pandemic.

“It’s probably been years since the two of them were together under the same roof,” the British news agency PA quoted a Royal expert from “Majesty Magazine” as saying. “It’s the perfect royal cocoon.” Philip spends most of his retiring years at Sandringham Manor in England, far from his wife, who usually stays at Windsor Castle or Buckingham Palace. She also appreciates Balmoral Castle in the Scottish Highlands.

In the picture the queen is wearing a grey, yellow flowered dress and a diamond brooch in the shape of a heart. The Duke of Edinburgh looks sprightly for his advanced age. Many British people were very worried about him shortly before Christmas, as he had to be in hospital for several days. Since then he has not been seen in public. The palace did not give a precise reason for his stay in hospital. The Queen is amazingly fit and still rides.

According to British media, a simple lunch with the Queen was planned for his birthday. The couple have been married for over 72 years.

The family congratulated in social media among other things. Prince William and wife Kate shared a selection of souvenir photos, as did Prince Charles and Camilla.

One shows Prince William with his grandfather at the 2015 Rugby World Cup. Another shows Prince Charles with his father in a motorboat near the Isle of Wight in 1957.

The creators of the fan account princeharryofengland put together a photo collection at Instagram, which was apparently intended to illustrate Harry’s external resemblance to Prince Philip.

The good mood of the royals could be clouded by the quarrels about their second oldest son Prince Andrew. The 60-year-old comes under increasing pressure from his acquaintance with the US businessman Jeffrey Epstein, who died in prison. Andrew is alleged to have had sex with a minor from the billionaire’s prostitution network. The Royal denies this. US investigators accuse him of being uncooperative.


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