Primark customers are stunned by a ‘beautiful’ £23 checked blazer that they ‘need.’


Primark customers are stunned by a ‘beautiful’ £23 checked blazer that they ‘need.’

Primark customers can’t get enough of the store’s newest arrival, claiming that they “need it.”

Because Primark does not have an online store, buyers frequently monitor the retailer’s Instagram pages to see what new items may be available shortly.

A £23 blazer is one of the most recent additions to the fashion account, and followers are instantly smitten.

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They claim that the breakfast maker is “the best invention.”

Thousands of likes and comments have already been left on the post showcasing the new blazer, from both those eager to get their hands on one and those who already have.

A matching skirt is worn with the cream and brown checked blazer.


“Check out this outfit Blazer £23/€28/$30, Skirt £8/€11/$12 #Primark #NewArrivals,” Primark said with the photo.

Fans have been enthusiastically commenting on the £23 blazer beneath Primark’s picture, with many praising how “beautiful” it looks and others saying they “need” it.

On Instagram, the post has already received over 7,800 likes and hundreds of comments.

One shopper said in the comments area, “I love this,” and another said, “It is amazing.”

“That blazer is needed in my closet,” a third added.

“OMG I may need this!!!!” exclaimed a fourth shopper.

“I love this,” wrote a fifth.

“I need this x,” said a sixth.

The new blazer from Primark costs £23. Here’s where you can find the store closest to you.


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