‘Perfect Strangers’ was costed by a throwaway line in ‘The Leftovers.’ Mark Linn-Baker Gets a Job


‘Perfect Strangers’ was costed by a throwaway line in ‘The Leftovers.’ Mark Linn-Baker Gets a Job

The Leftovers provided one of the most intriguing glimpses into a post-apocalyptic society. The series centers on a catastrophic occurrence that causes a large number of people to perish.

A throwaway sentence describing who was removed from the series universe, on the other hand, helps explain the significance of each phrase. Mark Linn-Baker, who rose to popularity on Strangers, was about to audition for a job on The Leftovers when the showrunners realized they had already written him off.

The “Sudden Departure” and “The Leftovers”

According to IMDB, Damon Lindelof’s The Leftovers’ defining moment was the “Sudden Departure,” a cataclysmic catastrophe in which 2% of the world’s population mysteriously vanishes. The 98 percent who did not vanish, on the other hand, are left wondering why it happened and how to move on in the aftermath of the epic calamity. While it is never stated directly, the series is inspired by the rapture, an event in which many Christians think the Lord will come and take them away.

However, ScreenCrush points out that the people that vanished did not go to heaven, but to a parallel universe where they are the only ones left, wondering where the others went. As a result, we get to see both sides of the lunacy as they try to make sense of what happened when we learn who was raptured and who wasn’t.

After all, 2% of the population equates to millions of lives lost in an instant. The whole cast of Perfect Strangers was evacuated during the tragedy, according to a throwaway statement early on. When Strangers star Mark Linn-Baker auditioned for a role, this had an unintended consequence.

Mark Linn-Baker is accidentally left off the list.

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