Paul McCartney’s fame school LIPA has filed a £1.8 million lawsuit against Liverpool builders.


Paul McCartney’s fame school LIPA has filed a £1.8 million lawsuit against Liverpool builders.

A multi-million pound legal case has been started by the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts against a Liverpool construction company.

Nobles Construction, a well-known Liverpool construction firm, recently went into administration, resulting in the loss of approximately 50 employees.

The Wavertree-based company is embroiled in a long-running legal battle with the city’s world-famous performing arts institute LIPA, whose patron is Sir Paul McCartney, according to The Washington Newsday.

Liverpool’s UNESCO World Heritage status has been revoked.

Nobles Construction agreed to renovate a building at 68 Hope Street that LIPA was planning to relocate into.

However, the two parties got into a fight over how long Nobles took to finish the job. In recent years, the controversy has resulted in three adjudications, all of which have favored Nobles.

According to court documents obtained by The Washington Newsday,

LIPA has filed a civil action against Nobles in the High Court, demanding £1.8 million in damages.

LIPA has challenged the adjudications that favored Nobles and has granted them extensions to finish the work.

“Nobles failed to finish sections 1 and 2 of the works by the section 1 and 2 completion dates,” according to paragraph 55 of the claim form. Rather Nobles only completed sections of the project.”

LIPA’s assertions have been refuted by Nobles.

“As to paragraph 55, it is disputed that the defendant”failed to complete sections 1 and 2 of the works by the completion dates” because it is denied that the defendant could have been under any responsibility, given the claimant’s delays in the defendant’s work progress, to meet these initial dates.

“The parties expressly agreed that the completion dates would be adjusted, if necessary, to reflect the project’s delays.”

The defendant argues that LIPA owes them £824,390.74 in payment.

“The defendant claims £824,390.74 as the difference between the contract sum set out in appendix 1 and the sum the defendant has been paid to date plus VAT,” their defense statement states.

LIPA’s founder, Mark Featherstone-Witty, has stated that they believe Nobles owe them money. “We examine that, depending on legal advice,” he said. “The summary comes to an end.”


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