Paris Hilton Responds to Botox and Filler Allegations: ‘I’m so happy I haven’t done anything.’


Paris Hilton Responds to Botox and Filler Allegations: ‘I’m so happy I haven’t done anything.’

Paris Hilton has openly addressed the claims that she had work done on her face to keep it appearing young.

The 40-year-old hotel heiress denied using Botox and fillers to prevent wrinkles from appearing on her face in an exclusive interview with the Telegraph’s Stella magazine.

“I’ve never injected anything – no Botox, no fillers,” she says. Most of my friends have been doing it [Botox or fillers] for years, since they were in their 20s, but I’m so delighted that I haven’t,” she told the publication.

Hilton then revealed that, rather than relying on trendy cosmetic trends, she is now reaping the benefits of Neurotris, a non-invasive microcurrent gadget that keeps her face muscles taut.

According to the Neurotris website, the TV personality receives her treatments from Beverly Hills-based esthetician Heather Nicole, who claims the system can heal anything from acne to anti-aging and pigmentation or photodamage.

It wasn’t the first time Hilton had spoken out about the suspicions surrounding her cosmetic surgery. In an exclusive conversation with Dazed Beauty in June 2019, she also addressed the topic. She also said she hadn’t had any work done at the time.

“I don’t get plastic surgery myself, but I believe that individuals should be entitled to do whatever they want with their bodies,” stated the “House of Wax” actress.

Hilton also spoke on the anti-aging industry and the need of good skincare at the time.

“I believe that the anti-aging industry exploits people’s fears rather than teaching them to embrace themselves. That’s why I believe proper skincare, a healthy body image, and self-care are essential,” she stated.

Apart from the allegations of cosmetic enhancement, Hilton also discussed her more mature style in her most recent interview.

She told Stella magazine, “I used to have more of a Barbie-raver, club-kid feel, but now I’m more sophisticated and wear Lanvin, Valentino, and Oscar de la Renta.”

The singer of “Stars Are Blind” went on to say that she enjoys the fact that the clothing she wore in the 2000s, or during the height of her showbiz career, are now back in style.


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