Palpatine May Have Had Other Motives for Building the Death Star, According to a ‘Star Wars’ Fan Theory


Palpatine May Have Had Other Motives for Building the Death Star, According to a ‘Star Wars’ Fan Theory

Although the Dark and Light Sides of the Force suggest a future without moral grey zones, Star Wars does not. There have been theories regarding the motives of Star Wars’ famous characters for as long as the franchise has existed. Intentions play a major role in the fan culture, from ideas that the good are poor to those that the bad are good.

One hypothesis about Emperor Palpatine, the franchise’s main character, helps to depict the delicate balance between light, dark, and pragmatic.

The ‘Star Wars’ visual language

‘The Bad Batch’ is the sequel to ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens.’ Dee Bradley Baker, a voice actor, has hinted that Crosshair can go rogue.

The thought that goes into Star Wars is a big part of why it’s so famous. Every scene, costume, character, and story seem to have been lived in and are very accurate to a real-life scenario. The series’ visual language has always told a story in and of itself. In an old interview with Bill Moyers, he spoke about the color schemes and the proverbial gray area in the military.

“In — in my films, I use a lot of color. I’m very conscious of — of my films’ style. Tatooine is normally our home world, and it’s mostly made up of brown sand. It’s a spotless setting. The Empire’s Death Star has been made black, white, or dark. While there is a lot of gray, it is colorless. I added a splash of red to the Emperor. In terms of color, “I mean, red is a — an offensive color,” he said.

This is crucial to understand when considering how it is used to express emotion. The Death Star’s neutral tones do not automatically conjure up images of evil. The Emperor’s fiery reds, on the other hand, convey the evil that lurks underneath the surface. As such, with Lucas’s visual language in mind, it’s easy to see why one particular fan theory paints the pragmatic worldview… This is a condensed version of the plot. I hope you found it entertaining.


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