Owen Wilson Wishes His Grade School Teachers Were as “Understanding and Patient” as Tom Hiddleston Was During “Loki School” in “Loki”


Owen Wilson Wishes His Grade School Teachers Were as “Understanding and Patient” as Tom Hiddleston Was During “Loki School” in “Loki”

Loki, Marvel’s newest TV series, has finally been released, much to the delight of fans. The miniseries starring Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson started on June 9, and additional episodes will be available until mid-July. Many people were startled to learn that Wilson had been cast to play Mobius, despite the fact that everyone who follows Marvel could have predicted that Hiddleston would reprise his role as Loki. Wilson knew nothing about Loki at first because he was fresh to the Marvel universe, and he had to be taught everything about the character at Hiddleston’s “Loki School.”

Wilson confessed that he wishes his elementary school teachers had been as nice and informed as Hiddleston was, since he would have done better.

Owen Wilson wishes his professors had been as effective as Tom Hiddleston’s in the film “Loki School.”

Owen Wilson learned everything he needed to know about Loki from Tom Hiddleston.

Wilson invented the phrase “Loki School” to represent the process of learning more about Hiddleston’s character and background while working with him. Hiddleston spent a lot of time teaching him Loki history when he originally signed on to star in the series. He quipped in a recent interview with Capital FM that he wished his elementary school instructors had been as good in teaching him.

“We used to make fun of that when we went to Loki school and Tom was the teacher,” Wilson added. “And I think I would have done better in school if I had more professors like Tom because he was extremely sympathetic and kind, and—it was a long… I mean, the school didn’t just last an hour; it lasted several days. And so he could see when I’d hit a brick wall and say, ‘Maybe we’ll pick up here tomorrow.’”

Wilson and Hiddleston had to conduct such a deep dive because Mobius, a member of the Time Variance Authority, is meant to know all there is to know about Loki.

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