Opticians advised a mother with “blurry vision” to go to the hospital right away.


Opticians advised a mother with “blurry vision” to go to the hospital right away.

Her optician advised a mother with impaired eyesight to go to A&E immediately, and she was later given a dreadful diagnosis.

Maureen McColl, who was born in Old Swan but now resides in West Derby, was having visual problems and wanted to have it checked out in August.

Jamie McColl, the 71-year-son, old’s told The Washington Newsday that he had advised his mother not to worry about her scheduled appointment.

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She was, however, advised to go immediately to A&E after doing some regular tests following her consultation.

“I was there on Saturday afternoon when mum told me about her hazy vision,” Jamie explained.

“I kind of downplayed it since I’ve been wearing glasses since I was two years old, so I was telling her not to worry about it.”

“She went to the opticians in Millicans, Old Swan, and had to return on Monday.”

“When Mum arrived on Monday, they said, ‘You’d better hurry to A&E now,’ after doing a few tests.”

The mother of three was taken to Aintree Hospital for tests and had brain surgery a week later.

“They kept her in and ran scans, she was in the Fazak [Aintree Hospital] on Monday, and the next Monday they were operating on her,” Jamie explained.

“After that, she stayed in for a few more days for further scans and whatnot, and then they let her out, which was 10 days later.”

“Mum was back at home, awaiting the biopsy results.”

Maureen and her husband Roger returned to obtain her test results, and it was there that they learned she had glioblastoma, an aggressive type of cancer that can develop in the brain or spinal cord.

Doctors told the couple that their cancer had progressed to stage four and was “incurable.”

“Mum and my dad Roger went back in and were told it was this glioblastoma, stage four, which I had never heard of and mum and dad had never heard of,” Jamie told The Washington Newsday.

“Summary concludes,” says the doctor.


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