One of Wesley Snipes’ films, ‘The Streets Weren’t Feeling It,’ sparked a backlash.


One of Wesley Snipes’ films, ‘The Streets Weren’t Feeling It,’ sparked a backlash.

Wesley Snipes starred in a number of fantastic films, but not all of them were well received by his admirers. Snipes admitted that one of his films sparked a response “on the streets” as well as in the martial arts world. Here’s a look at one of his cult hits, as well as how some people tried to avoid talking to Snipes about it.

In one of his films, Wesley Snipes played a drag queen.

The decade of the 1990s was a pivotal one in the history of drag. Marilyn Manson sported feminine costume in the video for “Long Hard Road Out of Hell,” RuPaul became a national fame, Disney’s Mulanand The Birdcage were released on the big screen, and RuPaul became a national star. Snipes was also a part of the movement.

On the cult comedy, he played a drag queen.

Thank you for everything, Wong Foo! Julie Newmar is a well-known actress. During his youth in the 1970s, Snipes was introduced to a lot of androgynous performers such as Parliamentary Funk, he told Today. When he went to LaGuardia High School of Performing Arts and then to the State University of New York at Purchase, he encountered a lot of LGBTQ people. Because of his schooling, he didn’t consider drag to be strange.

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Fans wanted to ignore ‘To Wong Foo’ when discussing Wesley Snipes’ movies to his face

He was asked whether he faced a backlash for playing a drag queen. “Not so much professionally but the streets weren’t feeling it, and there were certain community circles,” he revealed. “The martial arts community… they were not feeling it at all.

“In fact, when the movie came out and they would come down the street, I would see them in Brooklyn sometimes, they started listing all my movies,” he recalled. “I noticed they would always skip that one. I would correct them, ‘Now you don’t got the full count!’”


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