One of Elvis Presley’s most famous songs was dubbed “The Worst Record” by his producer.


One of Elvis Presley’s most famous songs was dubbed “The Worst Record” by his producer.

Throughout his career, Elvis Presley released a slew of critically recognized classic rock tunes. His producer, on the other hand, was not a fan of one of his most well-known songs. Surprisingly, Elvis Presley thought one of his favorite songs was worthless as well.

The producer of Elvis Presley had strong views about these songs.

Phillips played a pivotal part in Elvis Presley’s early career. Elvis recorded his first songs for Phillip’s famed record label, Sun Records. The singer’s Sun Records records are among the most renowned — if not necessarily the most popular — of his career. He did, however, later switch labels to RCA Victor. Phillips didn’t like all of Elvis Presley’s RCA Victor records.

Phillips was questioned by Elizabeth Kaye of Rolling Stone whether he realized the vocalist of “It’s Now or Never” was going to be a big celebrity. He opined, “Not when I heard ‘Heartbreak Hotel.'” “That was the worst record I’d ever heard. When I heard “Don’t Be Cruel,” I knew it was true. I was coming back from my first vacation when it came on the radio, and I thought to myself, ‘Wait a minute.’ ‘Jesus, he’s gone,’ says the man. I’d like to get off the highway.”

One Elvis Presley hit was more popular with John Lennon than all of the Beatles’ songs combined.

When I asked if he was envious, he said no. “Hell, no, ’cause when I heard ‘Heartbreak Hotel,’ I said, ‘Damned sons of b*tches are going to mess this man up,’” he replied. “Then, boy, I heard ‘Don’t Be Cruel,’ and I was the happiest man alive.”

Sam Phillips loved one of the songs Elvis Presley hated

Phillips hated a track that became famous. Interestingly, Phillips also loved an early Elvis track which the singer hated: “Mystery Train.” “That’s my favorite record on Elvis,” he revealed. “And when we did that take, he laughed because he thought it wasn’t worth a sh*t. I mean that was… This story is a short summary. Hope you enjoyed.


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