On TikTok, Selena Gomez dating rumors are fueled by Chris Evans’ piano video; netizens react.


On TikTok, Selena Gomez dating rumors are fueled by Chris Evans’ piano video; netizens react.

Fans are speculating that Chris Evans is dating Selena Gomez after his newest social media post.

The 40-year-old “Avengers” star was originally linked to the 29-year-old “Only Murders in the Building” actress earlier this month when fans claimed they were seen leaving the same studio. Despite the fact that those reports looked to be refuted, some TikTok users speculated that a video Evans posted on Instagram Story on Tuesday could be proof that the two are hanging out.

A fan tweeted the video of Evans playing “Purple Rain” on the piano to TikTok with the message, “Is that Selena?!”

The TikTok user focused in on a possible reflection on the piano in the video, which the fan assumed was of the person filming Evans.

“Whose [sic]the brunette in the bottom right corner recording, Chris?” the user expressed himself.

Some TikTok viewers commented that they “never noticed” that Evans was accompanied by another person in the video, while others expressed hope that the rumors were accurate.

“Wait, can this really be true?” one individual inquired. Another added, “Wow, I want them to be together.” Others were doubtful, pointing out that Gomez has had “short hair for a time now,” so her bob would be visible if it was the singer.

“It’s the lid that covers the keys 110 percent of the time. It’s a glossy black lid. The wood end of it can be seen, and it has a little reflection “another clarified

Rumors that Evans and Gomez were dating began to circulate earlier this month when fans claimed on Twitter that the two stars were seen leaving the same studio in Los Angeles on Oct. 1 and at the same restaurant in the city days later. Evans had began following Gomez on Instagram, according to some.

While the fans provided evidence in the form of images, Elle later pointed out that the paparazzi photos of Gomez and Evans that the followers claimed were shot recently were actually old photos taken on various dates and locations.

Gomez previously stated that she was interested in the “Knives Out” star, however they have yet to acknowledge the claims.

“Chris Evans has a bit of a crush on me. Isn’t he adorable? “He’s incredibly cute,” Gomez stated on Andy Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Live” in 2015, noting that it was the “first time” she acknowledged to having a crush on him. ” He’s a badass, he’s a badass. The Washington Newsday Brief News is a daily newspaper published in Washington, D.C.


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