On The Chase, Anne Hegerty insults a disgruntled candidate.


On The Chase, Anne Hegerty insults a disgruntled candidate.

After a participant on The Chase grumbled about her offers, Anne Hegerty made a harsh jab at them.

Steve, Dennis, Sacha, and Rebecca banded up in the hopes of winning a large sum of money.

Steve, the first contestant, got the squad off to a good start, winning a respectable £6,000.

Dennis went up next, and he took home £7,000 for his quizzing prowess.

Sacha was then put under pressure to perform as well as Steve and Dennis, who were intending to use the profits to buy a new bed for her dog.

Unfortunately, some of the questions caught her off guard, and she ended up with £3,000 in the cash builder.

When Anne met The Governess, she expressed her dissatisfaction with Sacha’s performance.

“I have a feeling Phoebe the pug could have done better,” Anne speculated.

“Thank you,” Sacha responded, “I’ve well-trained her.”

Anne made Sacha a low offer of -£1000 and a high offer of £20,000 in the head-to-head match.

Returning to her team for assistance, Steve stated: “The negative is an insult, because you did exceptionally well.

“Go for the £3,000 and get back here,” says the narrator.

Sacha, who was dissatisfied with Anne’s proposals, said: “Well, I’m not going for the negative, and £20,000 isn’t exactly enticing.

“As a result, we’ll go with three.”

“I have a feeling we’ve already seen the team’s brains,” Anne retorted.

Sacha, on the other hand, chose the safe option and made it to the final, where she and final contestant Rebecca won a total of £21,000.


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