On Instagram, Jazz Jennings’ brother, Sander, recounts his Thanksgiving shopping misadventure.


On Instagram, Jazz Jennings’ brother, Sander, recounts his Thanksgiving shopping misadventure.

While out grocery shopping for Thanksgiving, Jazz Jennings had a holiday disaster.

Sander Jennings, the 21-year-old trans activist’s older brother, took to Instagram on Thursday to post a video footage of his sister’s grocery shop misadventure.

The siblings stare into the camera at the start of the video, with Jazz revealing that she just destroyed a box of wine inside the store. Sander then shows the audience the shambles Jazz has created on the court.

“I heard a boom, oh no, and wine shattering,” Sander says for Jazz, who verifies that as the box dropped, she cried out many “nos.” From Jazz’s perspective, everything appears to have transpired in slow motion on the video.

Sander mocks his sister’s misfortune by giggling in front of the camera while they both wait for the manager. Sander then shows Jazz’s humiliated reaction at the end of the clip.

“Thanksgiving shopping adventures will be like… (wait until the end) So happy to have the whole family home.” “Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, everyone,” Sander captioned the video.

Many fans reacted positively to the siblings’ mishap, with the majority of them telling the TLC stars that everything is fine.

“Don’t trip too much in the grocery store; incidents like this happen all the time.” I believe they have too many displays out all over the place, which leads to mishaps like these. One person wrote, “The store will take care of it.”

“It’s [OK] that this happens to everyone.” Take everything in stride. Another person said, “I love the giggles.” ” Sander’s remark came a day after Jazz teased the new season of “I Am Jazz” on her personal Instagram account. TLC’s official poster was published, and she reminded fans that Season 7 is just around the corner.

“It’s only a week away!!! Season 7 of ‘I Am Jazz’ premieres next Tuesday at 9/8c on @tlc. This year’s season is unlike any other! “I can’t wait to continue this incredible journey with each and every one of you,” the reality star added.

Sander agreed with his sister, but emphasized that the current installment is by far the most original. He went on to say that they are ecstatic for people to see the show.

“To say it’s unlike any previous season before it is an understatement!” It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen on television before. I’m really looking forward to that. The Washington Newsday Brief News is a daily newspaper published in Washington, D.C.


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