On Bold Street, a new traditional Greek street food restaurant called Laros has opened.


On Bold Street, a new traditional Greek street food restaurant called Laros has opened.

On Bold Street, a new Greek restaurant and takeaway has debuted.

Bold Street in Liverpool’s city centre is a hotspot for restaurants, cafes, boutiques, and more – now it’s gotten a new addition.

Authentic, high-quality Greek street cuisine may be found in Laros. The business, which is a cross between a restaurant and a takeaway, is the first of its type, offering magnificent decor for diners as well as delectable cuisine that can be enjoyed at home.

Nikolaos Fylladitakis, the restaurant’s owner, has worked in the hospitality industry for many years and owns several restaurants in the city.

The entrepreneur, who hails from Crete, is passionate about promoting traditional Greek food of the greatest caliber, with the majority of Laros’ components, including meat and dairy, sourced and imported straight from Greece. Other ingredients are purchased from reliable independents in the area.

With exquisite chicken or pig gyros and chicken, hog, or lamb souvlaki, Laros seeks to bring the full essence of Greek street food.

Laros’ Better Than Halloumi Talagani cheese fries, as well as the No Carb Box and vegan pita wrap created using a traditional island recipe for chickpea fritters, are all menu staples. A typical Greek salad, a Politiki cabbage-based salad, and a Cretan Dakos salad with tomatoes and olives are among the fresh and authentic salads on the menu.

For dessert, Laros will be serving Loukoumades for the first time in Liverpool. Loukoumades are small sweet Greek donut balls normally served with honey syrup and chopped walnuts, but Laros has added lavender to its honey syrup for a unique touch. Laros has Loukoumades with white chocolate or hazelnut filling for individuals who want a chocolate treat.

Laros also offers a variety of Greek soft drinks, such as LOUX – orange, lemon, and sour cherry, as well as a variety of beers, such as Mythos, Alfa, Fix, and Keo, and a limited selection of Greek wines. Laros also offers a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic slushies, which are ideal for cooling off in the summer.

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