Olivia Holt’s take on ‘Cruel Summer’: The Show’s Most Honest Relationship Might Shock You


Olivia Holt’s take on ‘Cruel Summer’: The Show’s Most Honest Relationship Might Shock You

On Cruel Summer, Kate Wallis’ tale is starting to emerge, and she’s been through a lot. It’s also clear that she didn’t have as good a relationship with her parents as she claimed, and that she wasn’t as in love with her boyfriend Jamie as he appeared on the surface. Martin Harris took advantage of it all.

So it’s understandable that neither of those relationships is the “most honest” in Cruel Summer, according to actor Olivia Holt. Even so, it’s possible that you’ll be surprised. [Warning: There will be spoilers for Cruel Summer to episode nine.]

When Kate Wallis falls in love with Martin Harris, she doesn’t have a strong relationship.

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The family of Kate Wallis was all about putting on a good show. Even if Kate’s parents, Joy and Rod, weren’t doing well or if Joy was cheating on him, everything had to be kept “hush, hush.” Joy was all about putting on a brave face and pretending to be happy if it meant putting on a nice show.

Kate was also raised to always obey authority figures, no matter what, and she easily fit into the “ideal” life her mother had planned for her. Even if he wasn’t a good match for Kate’s interests or didn’t fully get her, this meant the hot boyfriend. Kate Wallis wasn’t the cruel, popular girl, but she was unhappy in her seemingly perfect existence, just like the girls in those stereotypes.

This is how Martin Harris was able to sneak his way in and exploit Kate’s flaws in judgment and overall attitude. He shaped her personality based on her previous interactions with her parents, her upbringing, and her tumultuous connection with Jamie.

Kate and Mallory are the “most honest” of all the relationships on “Cruel Summer,” according to Olivia Holt.


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