No birthday party this year The Queen turns 94 – and has only trouble


London – Strikingly coloured costumes, an always sovereign appearance and every now and then a ride on a horse: Queen Elizabeth II. you can neither see her age nor her state of mind.

Yet she had to struggle with great worries before her 94th birthday on Tuesday (April 21).

Her birthday party is cancelled: Because of Corona, the Queen cannot celebrate
Until now, during her 68-year reign in 1992, she was considered the annus horribilis (year of horror), as she called it. At that time, the marriages of three of her four children were falling apart and her beloved Windsor Castle was on fire. But what recently happened around the Queen’s family and friends should top that.

Because of the Corona Pandemic, she and her husband Prince Philip (98) had to retire to Windsor Castle. The Queen is foregoing the traditional salute shots on her birthday. This is not appropriate this year, she said.

London: Queen called for the fight against the corona virus
The military parade “Trooping the Colour” was also cancelled. The spectacle for the birthday of the monarch usually takes place in June, as the weather is often bad in April.

How seriously the Queen takes the threat of the virus to her people was shown by one of her rare speeches to the nation. In it she called on the British to fight the virus: “There will be better days again …We will be united with our families. …and we will meet again.”

Nothing but trouble for the Queen: Megxit, Andrew and Corona
With regard to the death rate, Great Britain could become the worst affected country in Europe, experts fear. Among those already infected was their oldest son Prince Charles (71).

However, the eternal heir to the throne and organic farmer showed only mild symptoms and cured himself at his country estate in Scotland.

The monarch is probably not only worried about Prince Philip because of the pandemic. The 98-year-old had to be taken to hospital shortly before Christmas.

After four nights in London’s King Edward VII’s Hospital, he made his way directly to the Sandringham country estate on Christmas Eve. The Queen traditionally celebrates Christmas there with her family.

Harry and Meghan no longer live in the Royal Palace
Why the senior was in the hospital is not known. British media speculated that the prince had long suffered from a flu-like infection or had fallen. “His Royal Highness would like to thank all those who wished him a good recovery,” the palace said, curtly speaking.

The younger royals probably also gave the Queen sleepless nights. Because grandson Prince Harry (35) performed the “Megxit” (pun on exit/resignation from the royal house) with the former actress Meghan (38) on April 1st.

Already in January the couple had announced that they wanted to withdraw from their royal duties and become “financially independent”. Later, however, the couple agreed with the royal house on a clear break.

Megxit: Queen stands behind Harry and Meghan
The Queen supported Harry and Meghan’s desire to “create a new life as a young family,” she said. However, the separation may have stung her a bit, especially as she has not seen her soon to be one-year-old great-grandson Archie for months.

The family’s new home is Los Angeles, where Meghan grew up.

And the Queen has another problem child in her family – perhaps even her biggest. Her second oldest son Prince Andrew (60) is said to be involved in the abuse scandal surrounding the late US multi-millionaire Jeffrey Epstein and to have had sex with a minor.

Prince Andrew (60) involved in abuse scandal?
The Prince had wanted to refute the accusations with an interview. But instead he talked his head off. US investigators accuse him of not cooperating with them.

In the beginning, Elizabeth II seemed to stick to her son; both of them beamed at each other when they went to church together. But then the Prince virtually disappeared – until shortly before Easter a picture was published showing him packing gift bags for a hospice.

Brexite: Important concern for Elizabeth II
And then there was the controversy about the brexite. The Queen is actually holding back with political statements. But in view of the escalating quarrels she put her foot down – in her own way.

In a speech she called for more respect: “If we are looking for new answers in today’s world, I prefer the tried and tested recipes such as: talking well about each other, respecting different points of view, coming together to explore common ground and never losing sight of the big picture.



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