Nick Cannon Says He Didn’t Propose To Ashanti At The VMAs In 2021: “This Ain’t Me.”


Nick Cannon Says He Didn’t Propose To Ashanti At The VMAs In 2021: “This Ain’t Me.”

Nick Cannon has broken his silence after making waves for his MTV Video Music Awards 2021 proposal prank to Ashanti.

At the 2021 VMAs, Cannon, 40, was caught kissing Ashanti’s hand on bended knee. The “Gigolo” singer, on the other hand, denied that the man who playfully proposed to Ashanti was him.

The host of “The Masked Singer” rushed to Instagram to share a selfie of himself and his alter persona, Murda Count Harlem, who attended the VMAs. “This Isn’t Me!!” He captioned the photo with, “Y’all Trippin.” He jokingly explained in the post that the man pictured with Ashanti was not actually him.

“Normally, I don’t address social media gossip,” he stated, “but when my name was trending WORLDWIDE for something I didn’t do,” he wrote. “I’ve got to admit, y’all are trippin’ on this! On September 27th, I’ll be launching a fresh new talk program! Why would I go to the VMAs in such a state? I heard about this stupid new rapper named @MurdaCountHarlem who bears no similarity to @MurdaCountHarlem #respectfully.”

Cannon’s fans and followers are divided on his statement. Many of them joined in with him, and several of them posted teary-eyed emojis in the comments section because they thought his post amusing.

With a laughing emoji, one commented, “I assumed this was part of being a comedian, thought it was you.”

“I’m not going to lie, I was perplexed as well. Thanks for clarifying, Nick,” said another, adding an emoji of a happy face with tears of joy.

Meanwhile, many people mocked Cannon, claiming to have proof that the man was him. They called attention to Murda Count Harlem’s boots, which were also worn by Cannon in “Wild ‘N Out.” Several people also admitted to having the identical tattoos.

“It’s the Wild n Out boots for me,” one said, emojiing tears of joy with many faces.

Another added, “The tattoos tell it all.”

“That’s why they say having tattoos while committing a crime is a poor idea,” a third netizen said.

Another user remarked, “Ain’t no hiding them tattoos [N]ick.”

A different user added, “Your Mariah Boots gave it away sir,” with a laughing emoji.

In the meantime, Ashanti had no idea that Cannon and Murda Count Harlem were the same person. She said on Instagram Monday, “I didn’t even know that was [you]!!”


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