New vehicle insurance laws will touch every driver, according to Martin Lewis.


New vehicle insurance laws will touch every driver, according to Martin Lewis.

Anyone buying auto insurance should be wary, according to Martin Lewis.

The Financial Conduct Authority issued numerous new guidelines earlier this year to improve competition and safeguard customers with house and auto insurance from loyalty penalties.

This includes new restrictions to ensure that renewal quotes for homeowners and auto insurance are not higher than new customer quotes.

After a £100,000 court case, anyone with a Ring doorbell camera could face sanctions.

Many companies raise costs for established clients each year when they renew their contracts, a practice known as price walking.

This means that consumers must browse about and switch every year in order to avoid paying greater prices as a result of their loyalty.

The FCA discovered that millions of customers who renew their house and auto insurance with their current suppliers repeatedly lose money.

If 6 million loyal policyholders had paid the average price for their actual risk in 2018, they would have saved £1.2 billion.

On January 1, 2022, the pricing, auto-renewal, and data reporting remedies will take effect. From the end of September 2021, the rules on systems and controls, product governance, and premium finance went into force.

The regulations apply to both automobile and house insurance.

Martin, on the other hand, believes that now is the greatest moment to start hunting for a bargain.

He stated in his most recent newsletter: “While the new system officially begins in January, because it is such a large undertaking, insurers are expected to begin shifting pricing algorithms sooner, so the clock is ticking and the best prices might go within weeks or months.

“You’ll need to cancel your current policy if you can, and only if you haven’t claimed or reported an event this insurance year.

“You should be eligible for a pro-rata refund for the remainder of the year, minus a £30 to £50 one-time admin fee. Take it into account when making any savings.

“However, you might not be eligible for the no-claims incentive this year.

“Even if you can’t save right now but can match your current price, it can be worth it in the long run. However, because it requires some crystal-ball gazing, this is more riskier area. So I’ll leave it to you to decide.”


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