Mum offers advice to anyone looking for a refund for a ‘disappointing’ Pontins excursion.


Mum offers advice to anyone looking for a refund for a ‘disappointing’ Pontins excursion.

If you’ve been disappointed by a trip to Pontins, a mother of three has offered her top strategies for securing a refund.

Pontins offers cheap UK family holidays with six holiday parks across the country.

Merseyside’s Pontins is located near Ainsdale, just a short distance from Southport and a rail ride from Liverpool.

Mum, who was looking forward to her Southport vacation, was told the same thing by everyone.

Unfortunately, the holiday park receives a lot of negative feedback, earning it only a two-star rating on Tripadvisor.

Guests routinely complain about dirty lodging, with one father recently claiming to have discovered powder he assumed to be narcotics on a couch bed where his daughter was supposed to sleep.

A mother lambasted Southport Pontins in June for having “filthy” rooms with “broken mattresses.”

People who were dissatisfied with their Pontins stay have contacted The Washington Newsday several times this summer, but what are your rights when it comes to getting money back?

Pontins said it “may be able” to repay visitors who leave on their arrival day.

“We ask to be given a fair opportunity to remedy any issue, and these must be documented via a Guest Solutions Form, otherwise we may not be able to repay you,” the company writes on its website.

“Within 28 days after your departure, the lead name on the booking must provide a copy of the Guest Solutions Form to our specialized Guest Solutions Team for assessment.

“If you do not complete the above steps, we may be unable to review or process the entire holiday cost reimbursement.”

This summer, Lottie Hignett went to Pontins’ Brean Sands holiday park, according to The Washington Newsday.

According to the mother, who has a YouTube channel, she and her family left the park the same day because of “cleanliness and maintenance difficulties.”

She claims in a video that she originally struggled to secure a refund from Pontins.

However, in a subsequent video, she explains that she received her money back, as well as some advice for anyone who want to do the same.

“Whatever you’re unhappy with, it may be the cleanliness of the room, a maintenance issue, your neighbors, or you,” she says.

“The summary comes to an end.”


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