M&S has announced that Christmas Food to Order will be available in the near future.


M&S has announced that Christmas Food to Order will be available in the near future.

Marks and Spencer has announced that its much-anticipated Christmas Food to Order service is almost ready to debut.

Their new holiday delights are said to be the best the supermarket has ever produced.

They’ve stated that additional goods will be available this year, as well as catering to a variety of dietary requirements.

Vegans will be able to choose from a “epic” menu of vegetarian options, while vegetarians will be able to consume eggs and dairy-free meals.

It’s not all new, though; vintage M&S favorites are making a comeback for fans of previous years.

M&S recently announced the return of their sell-out Snowglobe Gins, which were so popular last year that stocks were quickly emptying.

This year, the glistening gins come in two flavors: Clementine and Spiced Sugar Plum. With the beautiful bottles that light up from the bottom, they’ll be perfect for Christmas decor for years to come.

The gins can be purchased in-store (if any are still available at your local M&S!). Alternatively, you can purchase them online here.

If you want to give the gorgeous bottles as gifts for Christmas, you can get six bottles for £120. (giving you three of each flavour).

If you don’t like gin, there’s also a nice rum variant.

The light-up possibilities don’t end there; shortbread and chocolates are also available in illuminated boxes for end-of-year celebrations.

They’ve just debuted the delectable Golden Blond chocolate collection, which has caramel undertones.

The possibilities are endless, and the new Christmas Food to Order range is set to debut soon.


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