Mr. Big Had a Type, and Carrie Bradshaw Wasn’t It in ‘Sex and the City’


Mr. Big Had a Type, and Carrie Bradshaw Wasn’t It in ‘Sex and the City’

Fans have gone crazy over Chris Noth’s involvement in the Sex and the City revival, And Just Like That… Mr. Big and Carrie Bradshaw’s relationship was filled with passion and complication. More of the same is expected to be found in the limited series. In more ways than one, Carrie was unique to Mr. Big. She was not just the only lady who actually captured his heart, but she was also unlike any of the other women he dated over the length of the show.

Mr. Big’s two ex-wives wore the same expression.

Big married two other women before settling down with Carrie. Before the start of the series, he was married to Barbara. When Big cheated on her, the couple divorced. He married Natasha, a 20-something lady he met while working in Paris, in season 2. Mr. Big cheated on the couple, and their marriage collapsed as well. What Was Mr. Big’s Net Worth in ‘Sex and the City’?

Apart from being duped by Mr. Big, the financier’s ex-girlfriends had something else in common. They had a striking resemblance in appearance. Both women had dark, straight hair, according to Reddit users. Both were tall and had face features that were practically identical. They were also both well-off and had occupations that could be described as “respectable.” Before marrying Mr. Big, Barbara worked in publishing, and Natasha worked for Ralph Lauren.

During the six-season span of Sex and the City, Mr. Big dated a lot of the same people.

Mr. Big dated a lot of tall brunettes during his time on Sex and the City, and Barbara and Natasha weren’t the only ones. They were his most significant romantic companions, yet they were far from alone. There was a lengthy line of women who all appeared to be the same.

Earlier seasons featured Julia and Melissa, as well as a variety of models. He dated Willow Summers, a movie star, for a short time in season 4. While she has never… This is a condensed version of the narrative. I hope you found it entertaining.


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