Most of One Direction’s music was disliked by Zayn Malik.


Most of One Direction’s music was disliked by Zayn Malik.

Zayn Malik, better known as Zayn to his fans all over the world, has been in the spotlight for over a decade. The young singer/songwriter first gained international recognition in 2011, when he formed One Direction with other contestants on the singing competition show The X Factor.

The boy band quickly rose to fame around the world, with many fans declaring Malik to be their favorite member. Malik left One Direction in 2015 amid a whirlwind of rumors and speculation, and in the days after his highly-publicized departure, Malik revealed why he didn’t like the music he made with the famous boy band.

When did Zayn Malik get his start?

Harry Styles Reveals Zayn Malik’s One Direction Departure

Malik was born in the United Kingdom in 1993. Malik, who was raised in a multi-racial family, had a natural talent for entertaining others as a teen, acting in school plays and learning the performing arts. When he was younger, he had a deep passion for music and listened to a wide range of styles, from rap to reggae.

Malik began singing for friends and family, and in 2010, he was encouraged to audition for the famous singing competition show The X Factor.

Malik didn’t make much of an impact on his own, but the judges on The X Factor saw something in him and put him together with some other contestants to form the boy band One Direction. The band came in third place in the competition and was quickly signed to a record label. One Direction mania swept the globe in the years that followed, with Zayn Malik reaping the benefits of fame and fortune.

Zayn Malik rose to fame as a member of One Direction.

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