Morrisons has issued a UK-wide ban to reduce the use of plastic.


Morrisons has issued a UK-wide ban to reduce the use of plastic.

Morrisons has announced an unprecedented prohibition that will apply to all of its UK locations.

According to the corporation, it is the first retail behemoth to declare that all bananas will be packaged in plastic bags.

According to the Manchester Evening News, Morrisons’ banana buyer said the choice was a no-brainer because it will save 45 million single-use plastic carrier bags from circulation without harming product quality.

“Bananas have their own packaging – their skins,” Elio Biondo explained.

“They also grow in bunches, so they don’t need to be bagged together, thus a simple durable paper band is the best option.

“The quality of the bananas has not changed in trials, therefore this conversion to paper is a no-brainer.”

Morrisons will use paper bands to bind banana bunches together instead of plastic wrapping, and will continue to offer some bananas without packaging.

The move comes after a successful 12-week trial, according to the store, which has resulted in the removal of more than two million pre-packaged plastic bags.

Morrisons is implementing the ban as part of a larger effort to minimize plastic use and return to traditional grocery packaging.

Iceland debuted paper packaging for bananas in 2018 and announced that it will move to the next phase of the deployment in the coming weeks.


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