Monica and Chandler’s First Bed Scene Revealed in ‘Friends’: Courteney Cox’s Cut Joke


Monica and Chandler’s First Bed Scene Revealed in ‘Friends’: Courteney Cox’s Cut Joke

The cast of Friends has a reputation for making the audience laugh. But every now and then, they’d go the additional mile for a laugh. Monica Geller and Chandler Bing first getting into bed together was made fun of by Courteney Cox. It had been omitted, but it has finally been exposed.

Monica and Chandler’s First Bed Scene Revealed: Courteney Cox’s Cut Joke

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Part 2 of “The One with Ross’s Wedding” continues to follow the protagonists as they prepare for Ross’s (David Schwimmer) wedding in London. Monica does her hardest to be pleased for her brother, but her mother makes it difficult.

She is mistaken for Ross’ mother by a man. Monica is clearly insecure, and she begins to fear she will never marry. When she speaks with Chandler, she feels at ease (Matthew Perry).

There’s a scenario where Ross barges into Chandler’s room and finds him naked beneath the sheets. “I’m getting married today!” Ross exclaims as he walks away. Monica then peeks out from under the blankets, unsure if her brother has noticed her. The audience erupts in laughter.

“I never done it with you before,” Chandler says at the start of the episode. However, before this sentence, Cox made a joke, which was revealed in Friends: The Reunion.

After the big surprise, Cox and Perry waited for the audience to be silent for a while. “OK, now it’s your turn,” she remarked to Perry. After that, they crawled back beneath the sheets. Cox refused to claim credit for the joke, revealing that it was given to her by Perry. “I’m not serious. I had to say it because he told me to! She exclaimed to the audience, “He did!”

Because of the crowd, Monica and Chandler became a couple.

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