Mike Nesmith Punches Through a Wall Because of The Monkees’ Music


Mike Nesmith Punches Through a Wall Because of The Monkees’ Music

Mike Nesmith is best known for his work with The Monkees, but that doesn’t mean he relished every moment of his time with them. For example, he once punched a wall over a disagreement about The Monkees’ music. This is the backstory to the incident.

How big of a hit did The Monkees have in the beginning?

Bobby Hart and Glenn Ballantyne claim in their book Psychedelic Bubble Gum that The Monkees were the “largest money-making project for the giant Screen Gems organization.” Screen Gems kept “the lion’s share of the royalties, allotting a small agreed-upon percentage to the group,” they said. “According to their contracts, even when they sold out large arenas, each Monkee received only his regular weekly salary of $400 when they toured,” they continued. To add insult to injury, most of the members of the band had never heard most of the music on the second album when it was released.”

Mike Nesmith attempts to seize control of The Monkees’ musical output.

Don Kirshner was in charge of The Monkees’ musical direction. He had appeased the band members who were enraged by allowing them to record whatever they wanted in the studio, never expecting anything to come of it. Nesmith, on the other hand, wanted to take control away from Kirshner and was able to recruit Peter Tork to his cause. “The two musicians who had become actors now had to convince the two actors who had become musicians to get on board,” Hart and Ballantyne write.

Did Davy Jones and Mike Nesmith Hate Each Other in The Monkees?

Kirshner hoped to calm the brewing storm by holding a celebration of The Monkees’ success at the Beverly Hills Hotel. “There he hoped to brighten their collective mood by handing each member of the group a royalty check for nearly a quarter of a million dollars,” Hart and Glenn Ballantyne recalled. “Their reaction was not what… This story is a short summary. Hope you enjoyed.


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