Mike ‘Boogie’ from ‘Big Brother’ Dr. Will Kirby, Malin’s former ally, was found guilty of felony stalking.


Mike ‘Boogie’ from ‘Big Brother’ Dr. Will Kirby, Malin’s former ally, was found guilty of felony stalking.

In 2019, Big Brother ally and longtime friend Mike “Boogie” Malin was charged and a restraining order was issued by Dr. Will Kirby. Since then, the All-Stars winner has been convicted of felony stalking the doctor.

On ‘Big Brother 2,’ Dr. Will Kirby and Mike’ Boogie’ Malin met.

Dr. Will Kirby of Miami and bar owner Mike “Boogie” Malin met while competing on Big Brother 2 in 2001. They became fast friends, which led to the infamous Chilltown alliance.

Kirby won the series, and the two of them reunited for All-Stars (2006), where they resurrected their band. Again, the two controlled the majority of the game by forming fictitious relationships, only to viciously blindside them and then giggle wildly in the Diary Room.

Keep an eye on the #BBFirst alliance as they play the game! The #BBMarathon is currently dominated by #Chilltown! IMRlUEHw2g (https://twitter.com/IMRlUEHw2g)

May 25, 2016 — Big Brother (@CBSBigBrother)

Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin, a former ally on ‘Big Brother,’ was arrested for threatening Dr. Will Kirby, a former ally on ‘Chilltown.’

Malin went on to win the series by a 6-1 margin this time.

While Kirby, an aesthetic dermatologist, returned for BB14 and missed the jury for the first time, he appeared on other series, including The Doctors, Bravo’s Then and Now, and The Price is Right, which he won.

In 2020, Malin was arrested for threatening Kirby.

Despite the fact that the doctor and former bar owner remained friends following their appearance on the show, their lives diverged as Malin dealt with legal and drug troubles.

Kirby obtained a restraining order against his erstwhile ally in August 2019, alleging that Malin had intimidated him and his family.

CBS contacted the two in 2018 to gauge their interest in competing on The Amazing Race, according to the records.

Historians will look back on 2001 and realize that this gif was the beginning of reality television crushes: imjtGQ6DBh (https://twitter.com/imjtGQ6DBh)

September 14, 2017 — Dr. WILL KIRBY (@DrWillKirby)


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