Matthew Mindler killed himself using $15 worth of sodium nitrate from Amazon, according to the report.


Matthew Mindler killed himself using $15 worth of sodium nitrate from Amazon, according to the report.

During his first days at university in August, Matthew Mindler murdered himself using sodium nitrate he purchased for $15 on Amazon, according to officials and his mother.

On Aug. 28, the 19-year-old former child actor was discovered dead near Millersville University, where he was a student. He had been reported missing for four days.

According to TMZ, toxicology testing conducted by the Lancaster County Medical Examiner’s Office determined that his death was caused by sodium nitrate poisoning.

Sodium nitrate is a common oxidizer used to preserve foods like meat. It kills people more frequently by creating low blood pressure and restricting oxygen flow in the body, according to the outlet.

Apart from the medical examiner’s decision, Mindler’s mother, Monica, told TMZ that her son ordered the chemical online in order to commit suicide during his first days away from home at university.

According to his mother, the former “Our Idiot Brother” actor was seeking up information on how to obtain sodium nitrate and use it to terminate his life gently.

Monica claimed she had no knowledge her son was preparing to commit suicide.

According to his mother, Mindler was able to buy sodium nitrate online for $15, which was enough to kill up to four people.

She informed the site that she shared her son’s tactics in the hopes that it would serve as a warning to others who were unaware of the substance’s hazards.

According to TMZ, Mindler’s mother previously revealed that her son had “crippling anxiety” but appeared to be enjoying his first days at college until his death.

Monica told the source that when her son started school on Aug. 19, she was in daily communication with him to assist him deal with the challenges he had been dealing with for years.

Mindler informed his mother that he was meeting new people and having a good time during his first week at college. His mother stated he also talked about his aspirations to form a computer programming club and a job interview for the IT department.

Monica last messaged her son on the same day he did not return to his college dorm room. She informed him she was going to pick him up and take him home that week to help him get over his “crippling anxiety.” Instead of being received as letters, her messages were received as texts. The Washington Newsday Brief News is a daily newspaper published in Washington, D.C.


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