Matt Damon Turned Down James Cameron’s “Avatar,” and Will Receive 10% Of Profits From This Film


Matt Damon Turned Down James Cameron’s “Avatar,” and Will Receive 10% Of Profits From This Film

Matt Damon once rejected down a large sum of money.

A sequel to the blockbuster film “Avatar” is in the works. Damon stated during his Cannes Film Festival masterclass last week that if he had accepted the role of Jake Sully in director James Cameron’s film, he might have made hundreds of millions of dollars.

According to Deadline, Damon told the crowd, “I was offered a tiny movie called ‘Avatar,’ and James Cameron offered me 10% of it.” “I’ll go down in history… you’ll never encounter an actor who refused more money.”

According to Entertainment Weekly, Damon might have made roughly $120 million if he had taken on the project because “Avatar’s” net profits were anticipated to be around $1.2 billion prior to its re-release in China earlier this year.

However, the actor was unable to join Cameron’s epic sci-fi film in 2009 because he was already committed to the “Jason Bourne” films. Damon was in the middle of filming an action thriller when he was approached for the part.

Damon insisted that staying in the franchise was a “moral” decision. Meanwhile, Cameron moved on, casting Sam Worthington, who, according to Entertainment Weekly, was living in his car at the time of Cameron’s casting in 2007.

According to Deadline, he most certainly did not receive the same deal as Damon.

According to the actor, he related his story to regular collaborator John Krasinski, who allegedly informed him, “Nothing would have changed in your life if you had done ‘Avatar,’ except you and me would be having this conversation in space.”

When a member of the crowd mentioned that “Avatar” sequels are in the works, the “Ocean’s Eleven” star joked, “There are sequels? Oh, my goodness.”

Meanwhile, Cameron claims that he considered Chris Evans of “Captain America” and Channing Tatum of “Magic Mike” for the role. Worthington, on the other hand, stood out among the three.

“I liked Channing’s appeal and Chris’s appeal a lot. Cameron told Empire, “They were both fantastic, great guys.” “However, Sam had a tone and intensity to his voice. Except for the final statement, where he stands and declares, “This is our country, right now, go as fast as the wind will take you,” everyone did about the same with all of the stuff throughout the script. I would have followed him into war instead of the other soldiers in the entire situation.”

The sequel to “Avatar” will be released in December. Brief News from Washington Newsday.


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