Marvel omitted a scene in which Loki was thrashed by Frog Thor


Marvel omitted a scene in which Loki was thrashed by Frog Thor.

Loki, Marvel’s most recent Disney+ series, is ripe for Easter eggs. It is all about the multiverse, which means the authors can include any obscure comics reference they want without worrying about how it affects the larger MCU. Thus, Loki should be transformed into an alligator. Without a doubt, show us Thanos’s private helicopter. We will catch glimpses of these things, take pleasure in them, and then go on.

Eric Martin, the writer and producer of Loki, tweeted his way through the latest episode, “Journey Into Mystery,” and informed us of additional Easter Eggs. There are several worth noting, but let us begin with this: have you ever seen a frog in a jar?

As it turns out, this was Throg, the Frog of Thunder, a comic book version of Thor. And we were on the verge of acquiring more of him. β€œWe actually shot a scene of Loki being pummeled by Frog Thor for the Time Theater in Ep 1 but had to cut it to keep things moving. It is a shame, because Tom was quite amusing.”

This show has the potential to produce an incredible blooper reel.

The alternate version of Loki facing Alioth is far more amusing than the one we received.

Other amusing tidbits regarding the episode:

Although the majority of “Journey Into Mystery” takes place outdoors, the entire film was shot on a vast sound stage.

The staff adored alligator Loki as much as we did and immortalized him on a variety of items. And the cast appears to be having a good time cosplaying alongside the plushy alligator stand-in.

Tom Hiddleston interacted directly with President Loki. β€œHe spent the previous night brainstorming alternate lines, but we settled on ‘beef-witted, half-faced scrubs.’”

There is an alternate version of the moment where Loki and Sylvie confront Alioth in which all the other Lokis join in, unable to stand by and watch the main Loki shine.

Loki will conclude its season (series?) on Wednesday, July 14!


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