Martin Compston of Line of Duty “feeds trolls” over Euro 2020 tweets


Martin Compston of Line of Duty “feeds trolls” over Euro 2020 tweets

Martin Compston of Line of Duty has been accused of “feeding the trolls” by replying to Euro 2016 tweets.

Since 2012, Compston has played DI Steve Arnott on the hit police drama, all the while masking his natural accent.

He is a patriotic Scotsman and a huge supporter of the national football team, having been born and reared in Greenock.

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Throughout the campaign, he has thrown his support behind Scotland, with a series of emotional social media messages making it very apparent who he supports.

He stated he was re-watching films of Scotland’s equalizer against Croatia on Monday this morning (Wednesday).

Martin said on Twitter: “Been watching beer garden footage of the equaliser since I woke up, was worth the admission fee alone.”

“You are legends to a man, @ScotlandNT, for giving us all something to look forward to and feel excited about over the last six months. “Let’s go on to the next one.” [sic]

He’s also responded to England fans’ taunting tweets.

“England, seven points,” said Twitter user Ryan Bird in one of his posts. One point for Scotland.”

“I know Ryan must be tough, you were the only team that couldn’t beat us when we were that pish,” Martin said. That said, we’ll still have as many Euros winners medals as each other by the end of it, which is always a comfort [grin face with hearts emoji]. “Good luck!”

Hundreds of people raced to make their opinions known.

“We’re basically just thrilled Scotland qualified at all,” one wrote. The fact that we are a small country living rent-free in the brain of our larger southern neighbor, as proven by this sequence of tweets, is a pleasant bonus.”

“First rule of Twitter: don’t feed the trolls,” another said.

“Lad you were acting like you’d won when you drew 0-0 [with England],” another wrote.


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