Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, has been dubbed a “enemy of the state” by a filmmaker.


Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, has been dubbed a “enemy of the state” by a filmmaker.

In a recent podcast, award-winning documentary filmmaker Ken Burns dubbed Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg a “enemy of the state.”

Burns was interviewed on the New York Times’ “Sway” podcast on Monday to promote his upcoming documentary about Muhammad Ali, and host Kara Swisher asked him what current tech personality would have the same social influence as the famed boxer portrayed in his film.

“Stacey Abrams is the one who comes closest to being someone we could carve into Mount Rushmore,” added Burns.

“I hope Zuckerberg is in jail by then,” he concluded. This is a state’s adversary. He is confident in his ability to overcome it. He has the ability to flee to any location. As a result, it’s all about filthy lucre.”

Burns, who won an Academy Award for his docuseries “The Civil War,” has been a vocal opponent of Zuckerberg’s role in the pandemic. He says that Zuckerberg is failing to prevent misinformation from spreading on the company’s social media channels, resulting in conspiracy theories and vaccine skeptics.

Burns said on MSNBC in July that the present political climate in America is “the most fraught time” in the country’s history.

“Historically, there has been a lot of misinformation on Facebook,” Burns added. “Voter suppression, the confluence of all those infections, the side effects of disinformation, paranoia, and lying. Then there’s the rewriting of history, which says we don’t care about facts. We don’t care about the truth. We don’t care about the numerous different voices that make us up.”

Facebook has been under increasing pressure to prohibit disinformation from spreading on its services.

The propagation of COVID-19 falsehoods on social media, according to President Joe Biden, is “killing people.”

Facebook has stated that it will take “strong action” to safeguard public health.


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