Marjorie Harvey’s ex pardoned after life sentence – who was her first spouse?


The wife of TV host Steve Harvey, Marjorie Harvey has been through some complex dealings, to include her marriage to Jim Townsend, a convicted drug dealer. Here’s everything you need to know about her troubled past.

An American fashion icon and internet personality, Marjorie Elaine Harvey came into the spotlight mainly because she is the spouse of famed television host and comedian Steve Harvey.

Throughout the years, Marjorie has contributed so much to Steve’s success and happiness. Together with their seven children (from previous relationships), the couple is a perfect picture of what a harmonious family looks like.

They are not afraid to flaunt all their happiness on social media either. However, behind all the glitz and glamour of celebrity life lies the story of a strong woman who clawed her way out of the past to build a beautiful life for herself and her close-knit family.

A large part of Marjorie’s dark past surrounds her marriage to convicted drug lord Jim Townsend. Recently, Townsend crawled out of hiding with a memoir detailing their complicated marriage and run-ins with the law.


During the 1990s, Marjorie was married to Townsend, who was a drug kingpin. During their marriage, the duo allegedly ran a joint drug ring.

Before long, the duo’s illegal activities caught the attention of the FBI and DEA. Authorities later approached Townsend with substantial evidence of Marjorie’s involvement in his drug ring and threatened to arrest her if he did not cooperate with their investigation.


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Marjorie Harvey’s ex-husband was later convicted of attempting to buy 40 kilos of cocaine and received a life sentence in 1992. Meanwhile, Marjorie was never charged for her alleged involvement in the drug ring.

Less than five years after Townsend’s life sentence, Marjorie divorced him. Fortunately for Townsend, he was released in January 2017 after serving 26 years of his sentence due to a pardon granted by President Barack Obama.


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Meanwhile, Marjorie married Darnell Woods, a drug dealer, for the second time. Not much is known about Marjorie’s marriage to Woods and the circumstances of their separation.

However, the couple welcomed three children together, Morgan, 33, Jason, 29, and Lori Harvey, 24. Marjorie Harvey’s children were all adopted by Steve after they married in 2007.


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