Madonna penned 1 song as if she was “obsessed” with a Quentin Tarantino movie character


While Madonna and Quentin Tarantino have had very different careers, one of Madonna’s songs would not exist without Tarantino. Also, Madonna wanted Tarantino to direct a music video for the song. Here’s how the world reacted to the track.

Sadly, Madonna “went crazy” when she wrote this Quentin Tarantino-inspired song

For a long time, Madonna and Tarantino have known each other. For example, characters in Reservoir Dogs discussed “Like a Virgin” and came to an obscene conclusion about its meaning. Also, a character in Pulp Fiction wishes she had a sexy belly like the Queen of Pop had in her music video for “Lucky Star.” Madonna appeared in the director’s segment of the anthology film Four Rooms. Tarantino directed the final segment of the film.

Later on, Madonna would draw inspiration from Tarantino for her album MDNA. In an interview with The Times of India, Madonna spoke about the making of the album. “I felt like I needed to go back to basics, like chugging my guitar and the simplicity of raw emotion. I had a really good feeling when I wrote a song and played the guitar or sang ‘I’m A Sinner.'”


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She said she had similar emotions when she recorded “Gang Bang.” “When I was in a room doing completely improvised vocals for ‘Gang Bang,’ I felt like I just had to scream to make myself obsessed with this kind of Russ Meyer, Quentin Tarantino,” she said. For context, Meyer was a director who made many daring and violent films that often featured strong heroines. He is best known for the exploitation film Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! The main character in Gang Bang kills someone she hates, making her similar to the heroines of Meyer and Tarantino films.

Why Madonna wrote a violent song

Although “Gang Bang” is about violence, Madonna revealed that the emotions behind the song were not serious. “It was all very tongue-in-cheek, but I just went for it,” she said. “Obviously, I needed to get some things off my chest. I was like an animal being let out of a cage, and I wanted to express all kinds of emotions.”


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Madonna wanted Tarantino to direct the music video for ‘Gang Bang’

According to “Rolling Stone,” the Queen of Pop wanted Tarantino to direct the music video for “Gang Bang.” “I worked out a whole thing in a motel room,” she said. “All he has to do is show up with a camera. And I can’t afford a director’s fee.” Still, no video for the song materialized.

How the world reacted to Madonna’s “Gang Bang”

Although “Gang Bang” was inspired by a popular director, it did not become a very popular song. The track did not reach a chart position in the Billboard Hot 100. Nevertheless, the existence of the song shows that Tarantino’s influence goes beyond the film world.

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