Maddie Brown Brush Shows Off Her Phone’s Background Photo


Maddie Brush Brown, who plays Maddie on Sister Wives, posted this amazing photo to Instagram. She disclosed what she uses as her phone’s background. The new mother enjoys posting pictures of her gorgeous children on social media. According to TV Shows Ace, the reality star shared photographs of Axel’s first haircut on social media.

Everything is crucial when you are a new mother. Of course, you would take pictures of your child’s first haircut or steps. It is the expected behavior. Maddie, like most mothers, wants to be able to view her children wherever she travels, even if it means using her phone. The TLC singer shared the adorable photo on Instagram.

Maddie Brown opens up about her phone history.

Maddie Brown Brush shared a sweet photo of herself and her baby Evangalynn on Instagram on Sunday, June 13. The adoring mother donned a white outfit with little yellow flowers in the photo. Maddie’s outfit was similar to her daughter’s. Her newborn girl wore a white outfit with lemon slices and smiled happily.

In the shot, Maddie is curled close to her daughter. “This is my background photo, and every time I open my phone, I smile because; look at her face!” she added in the caption. Simply put, I am ecstatic! It is fantastic. I thought I would share it with you again to brighten your day! Over 18,000 people loved the photo, thus it fulfilled its job. Continue reading to view a gorgeous photo of Maddie and her baby Evangalynn.

Janelle Brown, Maddie’s mother and star of Sister Wives, said, “The best!” The majority of her fans remarked on how lovely the shot was. They like it when she posts pictures of her kids on social media. Maddie is quite open about that aspect of her life, particularly on the show.

Her admirers and followers, on the other hand, receive something a little more personal than they do on the reality show. Sister Wives, as many of you are aware, is currently focused on the problems of polygamy rather than family life. Maddie’s Instagram allows fans to have a closer look at her life. As a result, they appreciate it when she shares these happy memories with them.

The star of Sister Wives offers advice to her fans.

The maternal instinct is still present. Maddie Brown Brush used her Instagram Stories to give advice to her fans. She admitted to buying everything in quantity. When raising a family, most mothers are forced to do so.

Maddie knows what it is like to share snacks, toys, and resources with her siblings and sisters because she comes from a large family. As a result, she ensures that she covers all of her bases. She was marketing Blueland cleaning goods on her Instagram Story. She told her followers that it is a budget-friendly approach to clean her house.

Following Maddie on social media provides a lot of value to her fans. They not only receive cute images of her family, but they also get to see how she handles parenting. Return to TV Shows Ace for more information about the Brown family.

[Credit: Maddie Brown Brush/Instagram]

[Credit: Maddie Brown Brush/Instagram]


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