Lorne Michaels called Bob Odenkirk a ‘D*ck’ on Saturday Night Live.


Lorne Michaels called Bob Odenkirk a ‘D*ck’ on Saturday Night Live.

Long before he starred on Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, Bob Odenkirk was a writer for Saturday Night Live. However, Odenkirk confesses that he was not very mature in his actions when working on Saturday Night Live. He alleges, in particular, that he was a “jerk” to show creator Lorne Michaels. That said, Odenkirk did a terrific job, as shown by Chris Farley’s now-famous “Matt Foley” skit.

Bob Odenkirk expresses sorry for his behavior on Saturday Night Live.

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Bob Odenkirk claims that his behavior when writing for Lorne Michaels on Saturday Night Live wasn’t terrific. He claims that he was “a d*ck to Lorne” as a result of his insecurity and immaturity.

“When I first arrived, I regarded Lorne like a boss, as if he were the head of some insignificant job I had. Only after I had departed did I think to myself, ‘The guy’s a creative guy.’ ‘Who the fck is this guy to tell me who’s funny?’ I wondered. ‘Fck him,’ I said. On How to Be Amazing, Odenkirk admits, “I was a d*ck.”

“Yes, Howard, it’s all about insecurity. That’s the true truth. I just wasn’t right for the show at the time, and I wish I could have understood my own mind, psychology, and liked and embraced it a little more,” Odenkirk told Howard Stern of his actions at the time.

During talks, it appears that Bob Odenkirk was disrespectful to Saturday Night Live’s founder.

“And I was a d*ck to [Lorne Michaels], and I sat in the back of the room during meetings and made wisecracks. He’s trying to conduct a fricking meeting and get a goddamn show on Saturday night, and here comes this a**hole who should be a Chicago waiter, making wisecracks out the side of his mouth. When asked about his experience on Saturday Night Live, he continued, “I was like, ‘That scene sucks.'”

The cast of Saturday Night Live was… This is a condensed version of the narrative. I hope you found it entertaining.


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