Lorde Disclosed How She Decided on Her Stage Name


Lorde Disclosed How She Decided on Her Stage Name

Lorde’s followers have been guessing for months that she was about to release new songs. But when she released her new single, “Solar Power,” she officially validated the allegations, and now fans are expecting for an album soon. Despite her infamously secretive nature, Lorde has amassed a sizable and devoted fan base since the publication of her smash track “Royals.” When her smash song was released, the New Zealand native was only 16 years old, yet her tone betrayed a maturity much beyond her years.

Lorde has always had a passion for music and a keen interest in songwriting and singing, but she treated it as a pastime for many years. Lorde was born Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor and grew up in a typical family. She went to public school, unlike many other young celebrities, and she never considered herself one of the “cool kids,” even after her meteoric rise to fame. When she did decide to pursue music professionally, though, she felt she needed a stage name to distinguish her personal identity from her public image.

Why did Lorde go by her stage name rather than her given name?

However, how did Lorde come up with her stage name? Given the title of her popular record, “Royals,” it’s not surprise that the lyricist was fascinated with royalty and aristocracy as a child. She eventually opted on the name Lord, but added the extra e to give it a more feminine feel. In a 2013 interview with Interview Magazine, the singer of “Solar Power” went into greater detail about how she came up with her stage name.

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Lorde revealed, “My name is Ella, and that’s who I am in school, hanging out with pals and completing homework.” “However, Lorde is a character when I’m on stage. Actually, my friends… This is a condensed version of the narrative. I hope you found it entertaining.


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