‘Loki’: So, where can you find the Time Variance Authority?


‘Loki’: So, where can you find the Time Variance Authority?

With the establishment of the Time Variance Authority, Loki adds an interesting new layer to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The building has a futuristic and mystical vibe to it. And it’s made a lot of Marvel fans question where the TVA is.

[Warning: This article includes spoilers for the first episode of the Loki series.]

In Marvel Comics, what is the TVA?

In a 1986 issue of Thor, the Time Variance Authority first debuted in Marvel Comics. The mighty organization keeps an eye on the multiverse and has the capacity to wipe out timelines that it deems to be too harmful.

The TVA operates like any other company, with many levels of management and staff. Low-ranking TVA employees, referred to as chronomonitors in the comics, are essentially faceless clones manufactured utilizing quantum technology.

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Some followers of ‘Loki’ believe the TVA is in the quantum realm.

Loki is tight-lipped about where its TVA is located. However, some fans believe it is in the quantum realm, a fantastical area first shown in Ant-Man.

One Reddit user speculated, “Obviously this is guesswork, but I believe the TVA is in the Quantum Realm.” “Time passes differently in both places – Essentially, we’ve been shown that the Quantum Realm allows us to travel to any moment in time through numerous realities.”

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The fan said, “Thanos reduced his Infinity Stones to atoms; the ones we see in the TVA could literally be atoms of the stones.” “It makes reasonable that they don’t have power outside of a macro reality, but that doesn’t mean they’d be inert if they were reintroduced… This is a condensed version of the narrative. I hope you found it entertaining.


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