Lisa Kudrow, who plays Phoebe on Friends, kept all of Phoebe’s jewelry.


Lisa Kudrow, who plays Phoebe on Friends, kept all of Phoebe’s jewelry.

When an actor is emotionally invested in the role they play, it’s difficult to leave the props behind when they leave the stage. Dakota Johnson admitted to stealing some sexy panties from the 50 Shades of Grey wardrobe, while Ben Affleck admitted to stealing the batarang from the Justice League set.

The cast of one of the most popular sitcoms of all time wanted some mementos from their time on the show. When Friends ended, Lisa Kudrow swiped Phoebe’s jewels, but she was in good company.

For ten seasons, Lisa Kudrow played Phoebe on the sitcom “Friends.”

Lisa Kudrow Invested More Effort In Her Friendship With Her Co-Stars Than In Her Marriage On ‘Friends’

No one could have expected that Friends would become such a huge hit and take the sitcom world by storm when it first aired in 1994. After all, the show’s plot isn’t especially exciting.

It follows six twenty-somethings living together in New York as they attempt to navigate their way into adulthood. The series follows them as they go through their professions, romances, and heartbreaks. Their friendships with one another act as the series’ backbone along the way.

Kudrow’s portrayal of Phoebe Buffay became her most famous role. Before landing the role, the actor had appeared in a few TV movies and had appeared in a few guest roles on TV shows, but playing Phoebe was certainly a breakthrough role.

Each of the ‘Friends’ had unique characteristics.

Jennifer Aniston despised ‘The Rachel’ hairstyle because it left her with a ‘frizzy mop’ on her head.

Friends’ endless rewatchability is one of the reasons it has remained so popular for so long — and why it has such a flourishing second life on streaming platforms. This quality stems from the characters’ willingness to adopt various personality characteristics in order to balance one another.

Rachel was the fashionable trailblazer. Monica embodied the Type A personality…. This is a condensed version of the plot. I hope you found it entertaining.


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