Kristen Stewart Was Afraid of Bringing Too Much of Herself to Bella in ‘Twilight’


Kristen Stewart Was Afraid of Bringing Too Much of Herself to Bella in ‘Twilight’

When it was announced that the Twilight books will be turned into pictures, there was a lot of speculation and speculation about who would be cast in the project. While many fans were disappointed when Robert Pattinson was cast in the part of Edward Cullen, the brooding vampire, there was little to no protest when Kristen Stewart was cast in the part of Bella Swan.

Surprisingly, when Stewart was filming Twilight, she had no idea how much the films would affect her life. Though she was particularly intrigued to the subject, she was unaware of the films’ enormous built-in fan audience. In fact, she didn’t contemplate the potential of a sequel until she was doing publicity for the picture. Of course, once Stewart realized how many people were invested in the story she was helping to bring to life, she began to put additional pressure on herself to carry it out to the best of her abilities.

When Kristen Stewart was filming the ‘Twilight’ sequels, she felt under a lot of strain.

When asked if she felt pressured to shoot the Twilight sequels, Stewart told Interviewer Magazine, “I do feel more of a pressurized strain than what is customary for me.” “Usually, your personal obligation to the screenplay, the role, and the people you’re working with is what motivates you. However, in this case, I have a responsibility not only to that, but also to everyone who has a personal stake in the books—and that now includes people all around the world. It’s a completely ridiculous concept.”

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The Happiest Season star went on to say that it was sometimes difficult to manage fan expectations of who her character should be. Stewart, in fact, stated that she… This is a condensed version of the narrative. I hope you found it entertaining.


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