Kevin Could Be the Father of Jan’s Baby, According to a Deleted Scene from ‘The Office’


Kevin Could Be the Father of Jan’s Baby, According to a Deleted Scene from ‘The Office’

Could Kevin Malone, who plays Jan Levinson on The Office, be the father of Jan Levinson’s child? Kevin suspected Jan of buying his sperm from a sperm bank in a deleted scene from the episode. Jan, on the other hand, was not convinced.

Employees from ‘The Office’ threw Jan a baby shower.

Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey addressed the season 5 episode “Baby Shower” on the Workplace Ladies podcast on June 9, which centered around Jan coming to the office for a baby shower. She has, however, already given birth to the child.

Kevin informs Jan in a deleted sequence that he could be the baby’s father because he donated to the sperm bank she used, according to Kinsey.

Kinsey noted, “There are a lot of sequences in this conference room baby shower that didn’t make it.” “I’ll give you a few examples. The first is one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever seen, and we couldn’t get through it.”

“Kevin believes he is the sperm donor, and Jan’s expression is incredible,” she continued.

During the podcast, they aired the deleted scene:

Kevin: Did you go to a sperm bank, Jan?

Jan: Of course, I did.

Kevin: I donated sperm.

Jan: Oh.

Kevin: Ooh, maybe I’m the father.

Jan: Well, this is a highly exclusive establishment.

Kevin Next to the IHOP?

Jan: Well, I paid for an ideal specimen.

Oscar: Are you saying Kevin is not an ideal specimen?

Jan: This is a wonderful shower, everyone. Thank you.

Kevin: I might have done it with Jan.

Jan: It’s not Kevin.

According to Kinsey, the scene was so hilarious, it was challenging to film without breaking. “We could not get through it,” she explained. “Whenever Brian said, ‘You mean the one by IHOP?’ Just every single time, because Melora’s reaction as Jan… This story is a short summary. Hope you enjoyed.


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