Katy Perry’s producer claims that the song “Ur So Gay” was misunderstood.


Katy Perry’s producer claims that the song “Ur So Gay” was misunderstood.

In her song “Ur So Gay,” Katy Perry mocks a guy she thinks is too effeminate. This brings up a fascinating question: Was the main character in “Ur So Gay” based on a real person? And, if that’s the case, why did Perry feel at ease making jokes about his gender identity? Here’s what Perry and her producer had to say about the album, as well as why her producer thinks it’s misunderstood.

Katy Perry wanted listeners to get the “context” of her song “Ur So Gay.”

Perry said in an interview with The Star Scoop that much of the inspiration for her songs came from personal experiences. She also disclosed that she usually writes about relationships and tries to use humor in her songs. She then spoke about the origins of “Ur So Gay,” a song that tries to be darkly satirical.

She said, “Every time I play that song, everyone comes back laughing.” “I’m not one of those people who goes around calling anything gay. That song is about a particular guy I used to date and the problems he was having. My ex wears guyliner and takes emo photos of himself in the bathroom mirror, according to the song. Listeners must read the meaning of the song and make their own decisions.”

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Katy Perry’s creator of ‘Ur So Gay’ reveals why she felt comfortable making these jokes.

In the lyrics to “Ur So Gay,” Perry doesn’t just look down on her emo ex for wearing makeup. She also says he should hang himself with his H&M scarf. With lyrics like that, “Ur So Gay” proved to be one of the more controversial songs of Perry’s early career. During an interview with Billboard, “Ur So Gay” producer Greg Wells discussed why Perry felt she was allowed to make these sorts of jokes about her ex.

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