Kate Middleton’s Health Scare


Kate Middleton’s Health Scare

Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, is self-isolating at home following contact with someone who later tested positive for the coronavirus, according to Royal Family news.

Kate Middleton, 39, has already taken two doses of the COVID-19 vaccination, but she is according to official guidelines and is confined to Kensington Palace. She is not having any symptoms at the moment, but she wants to be certain she is not endangering anyone by rejecting it.

Due to Duchess Kate’s Royal Engagements, she is at risk of contracting the novel Coronavirus.
Since the United Kingdom’s standards began to relax, the royal mother-of-three has kept herself extremely active and engaged with her different responsibilities. From establishing her Early Childhood Development Project to visiting museums, seeing Scotland, and visiting several small companies to learn how they dealt with the pandemic, the Duchess captured numerous headlines while carrying out her royal duties.

She attended both the Euro 2020 football and Wimbledon tennis tournaments last week and had a negative COVID-19 test prior to each game. She is tested twice a week for COVID-19 in accordance with the Royal Household’s testing protocol.

She began withdrawing from public life following her appearance at Wimbledon on Friday, a Kensington Palace official revealed to CBS News in a statement.

According to BBC News, the Duchess sat in the royal box on Centre Court with the Duke of Kent during the ceremony. Later in the tournament, she sat with top British tennis player Tim Henman. She also adhered to the rules about when to wear a mask at Wimbledon.

News about the Royal Family – She Toured The Venue Following The Matches And Met Wimbledon Staff In The Stadium’s Museum And Kitchen.

According to the BBC, the Duchess was scheduled to attend festivities commemorating the 73rd anniversary of the United Kingdom’s National Health Service this week alongside her husband, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. The ardent tennis fan is also likely to miss next weekend’s Wimbledon championships.

In November 2020, Palace sources notified BBC News that her spouse, Prince William, tested positive for coronavirus in April 2020. He has, however, gotten two COVID-19 bullets.

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