Julie Benz’s Comments on a Possible Dexter Reboot Cameo Get a Reaction from ‘Dexter’ Fans


Julie Benz’s Comments on a Possible Dexter Reboot Cameo Get a Reaction from ‘Dexter’ Fans

Rita Morgan was without a doubt one of Dexter’s most memorable characters. Julie Benz, who played her, was a sweet and lovely character. She loved Dexter Morgan for who he was (or at least who she thought he was), and she provided him with the stability he craved. But it was all taken away from her in Dexter Season 4 when she was murdered by The Trinity Killer.

Nonetheless, it appeared that she might return in the future revival series. Benz, on the other hand, has ruled out the prospect. Here’s exactly what she said, as well as how fans are reacting.

Julie Benz will not reprise her role in the ‘Dexter’ reboot.

Many people probably didn’t expect to see Rita in the revival anyhow, given her death. However, showrunner Clyde Phillips has stated that just because a character died doesn’t rule out the possibility of their reappearing as ghosts or in flashbacks. “There is some leeway to perform some film magic. When asked about the reboot, he told the TV’s Top 5 podcast, “That’s all I can say about it.”

However, Benz told TV Line that she doesn’t think Rita should stay on the show since she doesn’t know how she would fit in.

She stated, “I believe Dexter has moved on from Rita.” “It doesn’t make sense for her to be on his mind as a ghost because she was only his cover. He didn’t internalize her, so there are no plans for Rita to show up. I would obviously do it in a heartbeat if they asked. But I’ve always said Rita shouldn’t make an appearance in his head because she didn’t know the real him. She didn’t know the Dark Passenger.”

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Many fans agreed with her, but that doesn’t mean they still weren’t sad

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