Joo Franco of Below Deck Mediterranean Reveals the Heartbreaking Reason He Is No Longer Engaged d


Joo Franco of Below Deck Mediterranean Reveals the Heartbreaking Reason He Is No Longer Engaged d

Joo Franco, a former Below Deck Mediterranean bosun, revealed that he and his fiancée Michelle Dicu had called off their engagement.

Franco mentioned distance as a reason for the couple’s breakup, citing Covid-19 constraints as well as divergent work choices.


Franco has been residing in Zimbabwe with his family, while Dicu has remained in the United States. Franco and Dicu were separated for several months when the borders were blocked due to Covid. He made the most of being close to his family and continued to study and obtain new yachting qualifications, but it was evident that he and Dicu would not be reunited anytime soon. On Instagram, he expressed his affection for the pair and talked about how they shared a passion for adventure.

‘Below Deck Med’ star Joo Franco explains why he is no longer engaged.

Franco answered the engagement in an Instagram post with a sunny selfie. He wrote, “As I am sure most of you have realized, I am no longer engaged.” “I haven’t been in a long time, and I didn’t feel compelled to tell anyone until I was ready. First and foremost, I adored the stunning lady I was with. She was nothing short of spectacular, and she was insanely gorgeous!!! She is definitely deserving of the entire world.”

He then revealed the final outcome of the couple’s relationship. “We didn’t make it through COVID’s obstacles, job paths, and distance,” Franco continued. “I genuinely wish we could have been together, and I will never regret or forget the love we shared. It’s strange to be strangers after being so close, but it’s what it is, isn’t it? She’s happy, and I’m happy. That’s the only thing that matters.” Franco and Dicu were last seen together in January, and they rang in the new year together in 2021. “#2020 has been an adventure… “However, all is well that ends well #happynewyear to everybody!!” he added.

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