Joe Giudice sends a “heartbreaking” birthday message to his youngest daughter Audriana.


Joe Giudice sends a “heartbreaking” birthday message to his youngest daughter Audriana.

When Joe Giudice met his youngest daughter, Audriana Giudice, on her 12th birthday, he received a lot of sympathy from the internet.

On Tuesday, the former reality star, 49, shared a photo of his fourth child with ex-wife Teresa Giudice, also 49, on Instagram. In the caption, he then wrote a meaningful message for Audriana.

“Wishing you a very happy birthday, my love. I can’t believe how much you’ve changed… You must have followed in my footsteps, despite being the youngest and tallest of all your sisters. Joe, who is presently based in the Bahamas, replied, “I love you so much and wish I was there to celebrate your birthday.”

Many admirers felt bad for the entrepreneur, who was unable to be with the birthday girl owing to deportation rules that prevent him from ever returning to the United States.

One user commented on Joe’s post, “Heartbreaking that you can’t celebrate your daughter’s [birthday]in person.”

“She’s stunning!” exclaims the narrator. Another fan commented, “It must be difficult to be away from your children.”

“You are a lovely young lady. A third user wrote, “You must miss them all very terribly.”

Joe made news a week ago when he revealed his longing for his girls, who are still living with their mother, Teresa, in New Jersey.

Joe uploaded many throwback photos of his children, including ones of his eldest daughter, Gia, 22, and second daughter, Gabriella, 17, who are all 22 years old. In another post, he included a photo of all four daughters, including Milania, who is 15 years old.

Many fans sympathized with the former “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star at the time, with some claiming that Joe’s inability to return home and be with his family is “unfair.”

Joe exclusively told The Hollywood Gossip in April of last year that he would never be able to enter the United States again after being deported to his home country, Italy, in 2019 as a result of his 41-month US jail sentence on fraud charges.

“I was warned I’d never be allowed to set foot in America again. No one wants to hear those awful words, especially now. He was cited at the time as saying, “I always feel like I belong in the United States with my family, not in Italy.”


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