Jisela Delgado on her current relationship with Alton Williams: ‘We Talk All the Time.’


Jisela Delgado on her current relationship with Alton Williams: ‘We Talk All the Time.’

Jisela Delgado, a three-time contestant, and former champion Alton Williams hit it off during The Challenge: All-Stars, despite first meeting in 2006 during The Gauntlet 2. Syrus Yarbough said on the Challenge Mania podcast after the episode detailing their relationship aired that Alton was married or in a serious relationship during filming. Though Alton has yet to react, Jisela recently debunked the rumors in a live video on Instagram. She also appeared on the official post-show to discuss her current rankings with the former champion, saying that they still “talk all the time.”

During ‘The Challenge: All Stars,’ Alton Williams and Jisela Delgado got along swimmingly.

Jisela Delgado, a three-time competitor, and former champion Alton Williams first met in 2006 while competing on The Gauntlet 2. She was a member of the Veterans squad, while he was a member of the Rookies.

Jisela, on the other hand, left early and had no recollection of Alton. When they came back for the spinoff All-Stars, they started hanging out in the house and eventually hit it off, forming a romantic relationship that was highlighted in episode 5.

Actual photo of Jisela and Alton awaiting the premiere of episode 3 of #TheChallengeAllStars on @paramountplus @JiselaDelgado tomorrow. pic.twitter.com/8iT8lES4qW pic.twitter.com/8iT8lES4qW pic.twitter.com

April 14, 2021 — Mark Long (@TheMarkLong)

Beth Stolarczyk, ‘The Challenge: All Stars’ Jisela Delgado allegedly bullied her prior to the hearing.

The two admitted they found each other attractive and seemingly hooked up after spending the night together under the sheets.

Although they were seen hanging out during parties or returning from deliberations, no further episodes featured their connection or confessionals with them talking about one another.

Syrus Yarbough claimed Alton had a significant other back home

During the Challenge Mania podcast following his elimination, Syrus Yarbough discussed Alton’s relationship status before entering the house.

According to the former champ, he had several conversations with the Gauntlet 2 winner about their significant others. Although co-star and podcast host Derrick Kosinski initially tried to explain the situation as a “complication… This story is a short summary. Hope you enjoyed.


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